Do people even eat jam? + How to make (low sugar) blackberry jam

I know I do, but I sometimes wonder whether it is just a force of habit or whether I actually like jam. I know that my parents have been growing fruit and making their own jam for a really long time, so it is definitely a really important part of my life. More significant is…

Your next Meat Free Monday is sorted

I've been actively cutting down my meat consumption for a while now, and one of the first changes I made was converting to veggie pizzas. It's easy to choose a vegetarian option (despite some people believing that pizzas should always have meat). It's even easier to make your own pizza. I tried some bases from…

Ten Minute Hummus and an Easy Weekend Lunch

"I recently discovered hummus through a friend, and I am absolutely converted! I can't believe that I have been missing out on this delicious, and incredibly versatile food. Ready-made hummus seems to be quite expensive, so I searched all over Pinterest (click here to go to my Pinterest) until I found a whole bunch of different recipes. The common thread is chickpeas, either tinned or cooked by yourself, tahini and seasoning.

After some trial and error I think I've managed to get a pretty good recipe down, and its very easy to make if you have a food processor or blender"