Morning Coffee Chats: Take a break

Last term was an overwhelming time for me. There were lots of ups and downs and everything in between. In many ways, my life has been completely changed, and I’m moving towards being a new person in a very different stage of life. Because of this, and lots and lots of school work, my blog has taken a back seat – it felt like there were more important things to do (which probably isn’t true, so hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time doing what I love in the next few months!)

Today I wanted to chat about taking breaks, and not feeling pressured to always be busy and always be on top of things. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, your hot beverage of choice, and join me.

I’m sure there are 101 things you could be doing right now. Maybe even reading this blog post is taking up too much energy. I know there are other things I should be doing. With countless assignments for the next few weeks in the run-up to exams, it can be really hard to just chill and take a break. It’s super important to know when you need rest, and you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of being tired or overwhelmed.

Someone once told me that it’s not a case of being tired, it’s simply that you’re too lazy to move onto the next thing. (I won’t say who this was, but I think some of you might recognise this statement when you read it.) This is honestly the biggest load of rubbish. People glamourise exhaustion, staying up to all hours of the night (or morning) to work and having the cycle continue because it’s hard to catch up with everything. Life moves really fast, and sometimes you just have to slow down and say ‘no’.

Today I said ‘no’ to spending the entire day working, even though it probably would have been a wise choice. A mid-week break was just the thing I needed to give me the energy to finish the week strong and do everything that I have to do in the next little while.

Get outside and be in the sunshine. Summer is fast approaching, and already some days are too beautiful to be spent indoors. Go to the gym and get your body moving, or simply go on a walk. If you have to do work, change your scenery (I personally like cafes for the coffee and comforting, bustling noise). Listen to a podcast on your way to class, and learn something new. This makes me feel really productive on my walks, and I find that I get through an episode or two a day this way.

I know this sounds like thinly veiled procrastination, but taking the breaks you need and being away from your desk for just a little while every day can make you so much productive when you want to be. Say ‘yes’ to yourself and listen to what your body and your head want. It’s hard to draw the line between healthy rest and procrastination, but that’s another conversation. Just don’t feel guilty for doing what you want (as long as you do what you have to do too).

One thought on “Morning Coffee Chats: Take a break

  1. Oh I absolutely love this! I’ve been thinking recently about the way we establish routines to make our lives better (like study timetables) but then when we don’t/can’t meet our own expectations, we feel so disappointed in ourselves. I’ve been thinking about focusing on the underlying reason we adopt these routines, rather than focusing on the details. Being flexible on those details to stay true to the underlying idea of self-care. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re looking after yourself, even when life is stressful and difficult.


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