Your next Meat Free Monday is sorted

I’ve been actively cutting down my meat consumption for a while now, and one of the first changes I made was converting to veggie pizzas. It’s easy to choose a vegetarian option (despite some people believing that pizzas should always have meat). It’s even easier to make your own pizza. I tried some bases from Checkers for pizza night this week, and they were a hit! They were super tasty, not too thin and they cooked up really lovely and crispy. They’re also vegan and gluten free.

There’s really nothing easier than making pizza, and you don’t really need me to tell you how to make your own – but here are some ideas for making really tasty veggie pizzas.

I like loading up my pizza with lots of veggies and lots of toppings – this time I went for caramelised onion, green bell peppers, mushrooms, baby marrow, peppadews, olives, and lots of herbs. My family love cheese, so we did a mix of cheddar, mozzarella and crumbled some feta on top as well.

To start, I made a mix of tomato paste and tomato and chilli jam (for a bit of extra flavour and spice). I also sliced some onions into rings, and cooked them until they were browned, soft and sweet. I also cooked some thin slices of bell pepper. I find cooking them a bit before you assemble the pizza helps, because otherwise they don’t cook quite enough while the cheese is melting. I didn’t precook the peppadews, mushrooms and baby marrows, because they cook just fine in the ten or so minutes the pizzas will spend in the oven.

Stack all your toppings on your pizza, and pop it in the oven until the cheese is delicious and melted!

Making your own pizza with your family or your friends is super fun, and everyone can choose their own toppings and what they like to eat most. Cutting out meat is a really simple choice to make, and realistically I shouldn’t have cheese on the pizza either – leaving it out would mean more of a flatbread style meal, rather than a traditional pizza. Making the choice to cut out animal products, even if it’s just meat to start with, is making the choice to help our planet.

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