Feeling Stuck

I probably sit in front of my laptop 15 times a week with the intention of writing a blog post. And every time, I turn away with nothing accomplished. I seem to be stuck, with plenty of ideas and no drive to take these ideas to completion. Motivation is hard to find, and I seem to have lost mine. The solution, I think, could be to start fresh, and give myself a clean slate. That doesn’t mean that I’m deleting everything and pretending that it didn’t happen, rather, I’m making the decision to improve upon my efforts, in many of the spheres of my life. More time to be spent simply writing, more time dedicated to doing my best in school, and more time spent being the best person I can be for myself.

If you know me, you know I’m quite bad at replying to messages and being on top of my social media. I can spend hours on my phone a day and completely ignore messages. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes I don’t have the energy to be social and engage with people. It’s so hard these days to cut off any form of social media, as we’ve become so accustomed to being engaged and being able to contact people at any time and expect a reply almost immediately. This is something I’d like to explore more on the blog in the next few months, as exams will be coming up sooner than we all think and it’s so easy to waste valuable time on our phones. Even easier is to become fatigued and overwhelmed by the expectation of being constantly available, to the detriment of your own mental health and your studies.

On that note, a to-do list:

  • Be more present – less time on my phone and more time reading or doing anything else
  • A blog makeover (things are looking a little pink and I’m not sure how that happened)
  • Make a conscious effort to reply to messages and be there for people

I’ve been at home for a week now, and I still haven’t been able to get my life together enough to post here. I’ve had tons of ideas and been in the kitchen almost constantly, but I’ve mostly been trying other peoples recipes and not trying my own creations. This week hopefully I’ll be trying out some of my own recipes and getting those up soon!

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